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Welcome to the new Module 1, The Inner Landscape.
In this brand-new module, we bring together basic concepts, principles, exercises and meditations in a new and enriched way. In this new epic, we incorporate all the experience we have gained in recent years with the first Module 1, Towards Wisdom.

In addition, the whole has been complemented by new and detailed instructional videos, more audio recordings of different meditations and very extensive texts.

In this module you will get to know:

  • The I-power, foundation and essence of Taoist training. What exactly is it, what isn't it, how do you train it and how does it feel
  • The Inner Landscape, or the unmanifested world in which everything is in potential, but not in form. How do you enter the Inner Landscape and what are you going to do there next?
  • The five forms of consciousness: Psychosis, Confusion, Specialism, Wisdom and Realization. What do those forms of consciousness stand for? How do you recognize them in yourself? How to bring more substance into Wisdom?
  • Chi Kung, one of three pillars in Chinese medicine. Physical and energetic exercise exercises that support your health, well-being and development
  • Iron Shirt, part of Chi Kung, focused on developing structure, strength and character. You will learn the most important exercise from the Iron Shirt series: the Embrace the Boom attitude.
  • The White Column, Black Column and Lärm, three forces that form and hold together the path of awareness. What is your natural preference? You'll find out by yourself while you're training.
  • The Dream Training. You'll learn exercises that you do at night during your wake window. Why? To wake up in the dream, both at night and daytime. What that means? In this module, you can read, learn, and experience it.

Have fun with Module 1!



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