Module 1: Inner Landscape
the First Fire

Self-realization is a life's work. You can be working on it for life, or maybe for a lifetime. But like any thousand miles journey, it also starts with a first step. That first step is to enter the Inner Landscape towards the First Fire - your life force.

Module 1 is designed as a thorough and concrete introduction to the processes of self-healing, consciousness growth and development, and spiritual awakening. Both conceptual and practical, you lay the foundations for healthy, safe and sustainable self-development.

Maybe you've been on your way for a long time. After all, there are many roads that lead to Rome. Even then, this module is very worthwhile, because in the form of paradigm-shifting perspectives and powerful techniques, you will find deepening and enrichment that can be a valuable addition to what you already know and can.

Taotraining innerlandscape

What you learn in Module 1

In Lessons 1 to 3, we introduce basic frameworks and concepts of Taotraining.

Lesson 1: An Illuminating Man and World View

You'll get to know the ancient and universal world and human image that underlies Tao training. You'll get answers to questions such as:

  • How can you get more grip on your manifestation power? Where is the key to your ability to realize? How do you achieve your goals in such a way that it doesn't come at the expense of yourself, your loved ones or the bigger picture? 
  • How do you develop the ability to perceive reality beyond the five senses?
  • What is the ego and should we get rid of it or not? What is awareness and what does it have to do with love? Are we all one, aren't we? Do we have a soul? And a ghost? If so, what should we imagine?

The answer to all these questions lies in that part of reality that we cannot perceive through the five senses, but that we all experience every day: the Inner Landscape.

Lesson 2: the five forms of consciousness

You'll get to know the five forms of consciousness. This gives a deep insight into your own behavior, that of others, and what is currently happening on our planet. It also responds to the big questions and challenges of our time. Questions that are addressed are:

  • What are the five forms of consciousness Psychosis, Confusion, Specialism, Wisdom and Realization stand for? How do you recognize them in yourself and in the world around you?
  • Why do we sometimes harm ourselves, the other and the planet in our behavior?
  • How is it that at this time with so much knowledge and seemingly limitless possibilities we create more problems than solving? How is it that our lives become more complex than simpler?
  • How to bring more wisdom to Earth? What are the seven levels of Wisdom and how do you embody them? What does Initiation mean?

Lesson 3: The Key to Healthy Growth

The key to a healthy and safe process of awareness is voluntary boundaries. We approach this principle here both abstract-philosophical and super-practical. Questions that are addressed are:

  • To what extent are you prone to seduction and/or act out of fear?
  • Do you ever grant yourself freedoms with which you go across your own or other people's boundaries, or are you more likely to suppress yourself and your desires and needs?
  • How best to deal with the tension between freedom and boundaries?

Lessons 4 to 11 are the practical heart of the training, which introduces you to techniques and disciplines that run as a common thread throughout the Tao training.

Manifesting your potential requires skill in the Inner Landscape.
In Lessons 4 and 5, you will develop three of these skills.

Lesson 4: From Stress to Safety

In Lesson 4, you will learn how to enter the Inner Landscape by activating the I-Force (I for short). But I-power is more than a key to your inner world. Applied in everyday life, I is also: 

  • the answer to stress: living from I is like a permanent holiday feeling
  • a superior alternative to concentration, focus, willpower and doing your best.
  • the key to awakening in a spiritual sense

Lesson 5: Journey in the Inner Landscape

In Lesson 5 you will learn to move and experience in the Inner Landscape. Inner Smile meditations teach you to travel through your inner world. Here you lay the foundations for the rest of your inner work.

The next step is learning to guide the Inner Landscape. By moving energies and symbols, you will improve your health and vitality.

These are the driving force of consciousness growth and development and call for First Fire training, i.e. life force.
In Lessons 6 to 11, this training is central.

Lesson 6: a warm belly

In Lesson 6 you will learn three simple but powerful techniques. One to connect with First Fire, two that allows you to distribute its glow throughout your system. This is important not only for your physical health, but also for experiencing and learning to monitor your personal space. You'll get acquainted with Golden Egg techniques for the first time.

Lesson 7 and 8: Preventing and Cure

The focus in these lessons is cleaning the First Fire. This has great positive effects on preventing and curing all sorts of pain, injuries and diseases.

  • In Lesson 7 you will learn a series of Chi Kung exercises. They are the best start to the day you can imagine: working out for fifteen minutes when you get out of bed is enough to feel clean, smooth and flowing, and start the day relaxed and bright.
  • In Lesson 8, you'll start the Iron Shirt training. This discipline has a strong activating effect: fifteen minutes standing in the base position Embrace the Tree and you are 'there' again! In addition, Iron Shirt is good for literally and figuratively growing spine.

Lesson 9 and 10: Sleep Debt and Dream Training

Last but not least, you're going to learn how to hats First Fire. You'll learn how to deal more carefully with your life force and lose this precious energy less quickly.

  • An important step in this is remitting sleep debt (Lesson 9). This is about how to train yourself from tired to rested. Your vision of sleep will never be the same after this lesson.
  • The Dream Training (Lesson 10) is very supportive, but is about much more than that. You learn how to dream lucid, or wake up in the dream. This has a constructive impact on your manifesting ability in your waking life.

Lesson 11: The Engine Under Self-Realization

The key to more vitality is sexual kung fu. This is the central theme of Module 2, but we take a first step in this training course in Lesson 11 of Module 1. Through The Way of the Nun/Monk, you will learn how to convert unexcited sexual energy into life force. This is the first time you make something in the Inner Landscape (or better: let it arise). Its effects on your vitality, manifesting ability and sexual safety are enormous.

In lesson 12, you'll learn how to integrate all of this into everyday life.

Lesson 12: How to Make a Practice

You've been given a lot of exercises and meditations — what next? How do you develop a practice, what does such a practice look like, and what role does willpower and desire play in doing so? You will get answers to these and other questions in Lesson 12.


“Activating the soft eyes and I-power alone is a workout for me every day, with great results. Complete perspective shifts that serve me and the others more and give space. Such a simple exercise with so much impact!”

Sandra (47)

“Taotraining allows me to stay more with myself, stay in my own center and strength. I have more self-knowledge and greater body awareness. While doing Chi Kung exercises, I feel the energy flows in my body and dissolve stagnations.”

Femke (49)

“Lovely what an effortless power is released into my system thanks to Iron Shirt!”

Jasper (51)

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Starting with the whole module 1

Your investment for Module 1 is €297, -*

You always have 30 days to decide if it's right for you.
You can also switch to one of the other packages such as the Annual Program.
Allow time to get acquainted and see if Tao training suits you.

What you get:

12 essentials (video)

Each lesson starts with an interview with Reinoud from about 10 to 20 minutes, in which he introduces the material in an inspiring way. Central questions are always: why do you learn this? What's got you got? Almost 3 hours of video material in total.

94 pages of text

The written content of Module 1 is worth a book: the 12 lessons consist of 94 subjects in total. It describes the theory and exercises in a clear, detailed and comprehensive manner.

14 instruction movies

In 14 videos - with professional quality sound and image! - Reinoud demonstrates in great detail the exercises where visual instructions are desirable (including Chi Kung, Iron Shirt and Dream Training). A total of about 5 fifteen minutes of material.

16 audio-meditations

The meditations are available as audio files (mp3's) voiced by Reinoud and Rosana, partly recorded in the studio, partly during training weekends. Downloadable and playable anytime, anywhere. A total of 2.5 hours.

12 supporting emails

Every week for 12 weeks, you'll receive an email to support and inspire your training and process.

Answers to your questions

As a student, you have the option to ask questions about content by email. Questions will be submitted to one of our trainers. You'll also get access to the extensive FAQ library.


“The training is complete and clear, and for me it's right from A to Z: Reinoud's audio, videos and the enjoyable and peaceful way of teaching Reinoud. The idea of being able to train online whenever you want and can do it at your own pace is deliciously liberating.”

Femke (49)

“People will say I do a lot of training, but the joke is that I feel like it's just part of it. Taotraining has got its own place in my life. In fact, when I don't do this, I long to do it anyway and miss it. Just like brushing and showering, when I skip that in the morning, something's wrong.”

Ellemieke (41)

“As a person, I tend to be too much in my head. I now have tools to get low in my body and pull out the physical tension, allowing body and head to work much better together.”

Florus (43)


If you are not 100% satisfied after completing this online training, we insist that you get your money back. All we ask of you: that you go through the training all the way before you make a judgement (so you give the material a fair chance), and that you support why you're not satisfied (so we might be able to learn from it).

Why such a super guarantee? Over the past 40 years of his life, Reinoud has spent gaining and acquiring the insights and techniques you will receive in this module. Over the past 20 years, he has put this knowledge in transfer and sharpen his understanding of interacting with hundreds of students. Over the past 7 years, with an entire team, including professional writers and video creators, we have spent developing this meaning and 'capturing' it in the module as you can go through it right now. In our personal lives, we experience the positive effects of what we teach in this module on a daily basis. For a fast-growing group of learners — almost 500 people participated in our Annual Programmes in recent years — the same goes. So we are convinced that this online training is worth gold to you, if you take the effort to really get started with the material. Of course, you will have to do that on your own, but we want to do everything we can to inspire you, guide you in that process and help you make a big step forward on your path of self-realization. If you're not 100% satisfied about that, it's only logical for us to get your money back. Join the online training and experience it for yourself.


“I went to see life with different glasses. Be closer to myself, let me less influence by others and be more aware of what I do and leave. I also deal better with setbacks and find solutions more easily. I can feel much more than before, like coming home in my own body, very special!”

Ellen (43)

“Anyone in my environment who wants to develop themselves and don't know where to start well, I recommend Tao training. Ideal for people who have been busy for a while, but keep walking in circles or staying with questions. This training can provide a lot of clarity and insight by explaining everything so clearly and simply.”

Jasper (51)

“Be so grateful for the understanding that I have my own space, and for the growing ability to stay firmly and relaxed in it. Great to really take that space, literally but also figuratively by making my own choices more and more.”

Marianne (58)

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