Module 3: The Five Healing Sounds

Do you live from your heart? Do you follow your heart when you need to make important decisions, such as work or relationships? Do you know what you want? Does your inner compass work?

These and other questions touch the heart of Module 3, True Heart.

True Heart is the term we use to denote an awake heartfire. When your Heart Fire is awake, you know things instantly and intuitively. You're not manipulable, you're not briberable — even by your own thoughts.

In Module 3, you'll learn:

  • age-old tools to spark the Heart Fire.
  • how to bring more inspiration into your life.
  • how to connect with the Inner Landscape and the Five Elements.
  • the Five Healing Sounds and Their Meaning.
  • powerful techniques to connect with your feelings
  • Fine meditations, such as the White Nebula Meditation, to develop a lasting emotional balance.

Module 3 is all about feeling. What do you feel, how do you feel, how do you deal with your feelings?

And also: Are there ways to calm, intensify and harmonize your feelings?

The answer to the last question is a heart-thorough 'yes'! You'll learn all about it in Module 3.

Module 3 500

Here are things you learn when training Module 3:

  • How to wake up True heart. You can describe True Heart as the compass that allows you to learn how to maneuver in reality. This compass is a given, it's always there - only you don't always have contact with it, so you can no longer perceive his or her direction. In this module you will learn how to find this compass in yourself.
  • How to bring more inspiration to your life. As a child, every day was an adventure and a Sunday afternoon could last endlessly. Playing outdoors, climbing trees, listening to stories, drawing, learning - everything was a party, because you did everything with inspiration. Inspiration is your natural state, but sometimes you lose contact with it. This module will teach you how to restore this contact.
  • How to take a step to Wellbeing. In Taoism, the basic emotion, so emotion among all other emotions, is called well-being, i.e.: HAPPY I AM ALIVE. This feeling can sometimes get completely snowed.
  • How do you find it again? By activating True Heart.
  • How to train an unshakable emotional balance. You will learn different exercises and meditations that give you the ability to calm or intensify your emotions. Your emotional spectrum is getting bigger too — you're going to experience more subtle emotions as your sense consciousness grows.
  • How to get more empathetic. As your own feeling life becomes more varied, there is room for better understanding and understanding of the other person. That adds back to your own Wellbeing.
  • How to develop Thinking. Thinking is described as the ability to make wise decisions and perceive reality at mental level crystal clear, without filter. This is what you learn at True Heart.
  • What your personal path looks like. From True heart, you know exactly what and who does or doesn't belong in your life. This opens the way to Destiny.
  • How to cultivate Chi. Chi is more than 'energy' - it's what feeds our training, it's what keeps us moving. A clear understanding of Chi is essential to really feel the essence of Tao training. We'll go deeper into this module.

The Five Healing Sounds

A centuries-old practice of Taoism is “The Five Healing Sounds'. The exercise is made up of a set of sub-vocal sounds combined with specific movements. They come from ancient shamanic techniques, stylized by the ancient Taoists. The Five Healing Sounding brings you back in touch with forgotten parts of yourself. They are linked to the five vital organs: lungs, kidneys, liver, heart, spleen. These organs are considered to be the “home” of the different parts of your consciousness.

Healing Hands 1

IIn this module you will learn basic techniques to open your hands energetically. These exercises also contribute to opening the center point in the back: Gia Peh. This point connects True Heart with the arms and hands, making it increasingly easier to act from True Heart. Healing Hands 1 is also a preparation for learning to work with Pearl Consciousness (Module 5).

Chi kungs: Dragon Palm

In this module, you will learn the Dragon Palm Exercise that opens and cleans the heart point Gia Peh in the back.
Iron Shirt: Holding Golden Urn

In this module learn the exercise of Holding the Golden Urn. There's a yin and yang position. They help you experience and strengthen the tendon plates structure in your body.

Dream Training

In this module, you will receive a new series of Dream Training exercises: simple, powerful exercises designed to do at night. These exercises contribute to the development of the Black Column, the unconscious or dream part of the training. They contribute to an intuitive understanding of the fabric and develop the ability to become lucid in your dreams.

What you get:

12 essentials (video)

Each lesson starts with an interview with Reinoud from about 10 to 20 minutes, in which he introduces the material in an inspiring way. Central questions are always: why do you learn this? What's got you got? Almost 3 hours of video material in total.

94 pages of text

The written content of Module 1 is worth a book: the 12 lessons consist of 94 subjects in total. It describes the theory and exercises in a clear, detailed and comprehensive manner.

14 instruction movies

In 14 videos - with professional quality sound and image! - Reinoud demonstrates in great detail the exercises where visual instructions are desirable (including Chi Kung, Iron Shirt and Dream Training). A total of about 5 fifteen minutes of material.

16 audio-meditations

The meditations are available as audio files (mp3's) voiced by Reinoud and Rosana, partly recorded in the studio, partly during training weekends. Downloadable and playable anytime, anywhere. A total of 2.5 hours.

12 supporting emails

Every week for 12 weeks, you'll receive an email to support and inspire your training and process.

Answers to your questions

As a student, you have the option to ask questions about content by email. Questions will be submitted to one of our trainers. You'll also get access to the extensive FAQ library.


✓ Access the Comprehensive FAQs. You'll also get access to our extensive Question and Answer Library.

✓ Access to the Tao online cafe. You can share experiences with other attendees in a closed Facebook group if you want to.

✓ Mails from the sifu. Once a week, you will receive an email from Reinoud Eleveld for support and inspiration.


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