Module 2: sexuele kung fu - the Second Fire

This online training is largely dedicated to sexual kung fu: the art of transforming sexual energy into 'Medicine'. This refined energy is both the driving force of your self-healing ability and consciousness growth, as well as the source of new life force and renewed vitality.

Sexual kung fu makes you a sexually safer person and ultimately leads to wisdom, or the ability to contribute to a sexual civilization. In addition, this training is a fundamental step in the development of your sexual identity. You will also notice this in the sexual interaction with the other, although that is more a bonus than the purpose of this training.

Yin Yang Aangepast Rood

What you learn in Module 2

In Lessons 1 and 2 you will increase your understanding of sexual kung fu and of what this practice means

Lesson 1: the three traces of sexual kung fu

In Lesson 1 we reflect on the bigger picture and why of sexual kung fu. You will learn among other things:

  • how sexual kung fu allows you to become and stay healthy, vital without crash-landing in the box

  • what it takes to master your sexual energy , rather than vice versa

  • What is the difference between suppressing and managing sexual energy

  • how pornographic fixation occurs in men, how women facilitate this pornographic fixation and how sexual kung fu can break these patterns

  • how the sexual kung fu contributes to your manifesting ability

  • what we mean by an age certificate sexual identity

  • what three traces of sexual kung fu exist

Lesson 2: “Medicine” in seven steps

In Lesson 2 we zoom in on the real theme of this module, making 'Medicine':

  • we already outline the complete technique, a total of seven steps

  • we explain what 'Medicine' is and also explain a number of other key concepts, such as self-love, the Second Fire and mono-cultivation

  • we make you aware of a number of pitfalls and resistances that can play a role in training

Lesson 3 through 9 are the core of this module: in a meticulous way you learn each of the seven steps to make 'Medicine'

Advice is to take a week for each lesson and do the corresponding meditation two or three times; this way you know the complete technique after seven weeks.

Lesson 3/step 1 — Bringing sexual energy into excitement

In lesson 3 you will learn, among other things

  • the do's and don'ts of self-love

  • how to develop your sentimental consciousness

  • how to postpone orgasm

Lesson 4/step 2 — Collecting sexual energy

In lesson 4 you will learn, among other things

  • what usually happens to male and female sexual energy when you make love

  • how otherwise, so that the sexual energy becomes available to the sexual kung fu

  • how to develop healthy tension in your pelvic floor, of great value to your health

Lesson 5/step 3 — Sexual Energy Cleaning

In lesson 5 you will learn, among other things

  • how sexual energy can block your meridians and how to avoid it

  • the key to activating the Second Fire

  • how stress works and how it can be different: the switch from survival to life

Lesson 6/ step 4 — Raising sexual energy through the spine

In lesson 6 you will learn, among other things

  • the four energetic pumps in the spine that allow you to direct sexual energy towards the cranial cavity

  • the physical movements with which you can support these pump movements

Lesson 7/step 5 — Bringing sexual energy into the brain

In lesson 7 you will learn what you can do in the brain very concretely with sexual energy

  • you will feel less and less tense and anxious

  • you become less addictive and experience more well-being

  • you experience more peace in your testicles and ovaries, with a big, positive impact in the long term on your partner choice, your sex life and how you act in relationships in general

Lesson 8/step 6 — converting sexual energy into 'Medicine'

In lesson 8 you will learn, among other things

  • how and where in the brain “Medicine” arises and how you can then spread it throughout your system

  • how to significantly increase your creative abilities

  • what you can do with 'Medicine' so that hormonal, often misunderstood complaints like snow in front of the sun can disappear (also — right! — in the meno or andro-pause)

Lesson 9/ step 7 — Save 'Medicine'

In lesson 9 you will learn, among other things

  • how to save the “Medicine” and what happens to it after

  • what is the natural motor of each child's development — and how you can put one under your growth, no matter your age!

  • how the sexual kung fu makes you more attractive (and how you can handle that extra attention safely and responsibly)

In lesson 10 to 12 you get a number of insights and exercises to support and enrich the training

Lesson 10: application in everyday life

In lesson 10 you take the step by which you become a real 'Medicine' man or 'Medicine' woman: you turn making 'Medicine' into an automatism that you do throughout the day.

Lesson 11: Chi Kung, Iron Shirt and Dao Yin

In lesson 11 you get a whole series of exercises that support your sexual practice . You will learn among other things

  • exercises for a healthy pelvic floor (worth gold for everyone, but especially if you suffer from pelvic instability or adhesion)

  • Exercises for a healthy, relaxed, smooth, strong, flowing and conscious back

  • how to fill the testicles or ovaries with extra sexual energy

Lesson 12: Dream Training

In lesson 12 you take new steps in the Dream Training. You will learn among other things

  • how to check in a dream whether you are dreaming or not (and how to train that ability during the day, when you are awake)

  • an alternative method of dreaming brightly at night

  • four new Dreammat exercises that stimulate your lucid abilities and give the dream body more substance


“The sexual kung fu is a wonderful way to replenish my supply of energy regularly. I have not come across a better method for that.”

Femke (49)

“By learning to love myself, my 'dependence' decreases; I need less from outside to feel good.”

Raymond (46)

“I have become much more open in the sexual field: I talk about it easier and can also better indicate what I do or do not want. My sex life has become really more fun.”

Anonymus (59)

What does that actually mean, “training “your sexuality?

Training your sexuality essentially means two things: you're going to learn to steer and transform your sexual energy.

  • Send. Sexual energy is a wild, powerful energy that usually takes its own course and takes you in tow rather than vice versa. In the sexual kung fu we turn the roles: you get very concrete tools that help you get a grip on your sexual energy. Instead of the routes that sexual energy is used to taking — they run largely in front of the body, e.g. towards the sexual organs — you learn sexual energy up the back.
  • Transform. On that alternative route in the back, you take the sexual energy past three places that have a transformative effect on the sexual energy. Simply put: here you change the quality of sexual energy. The purified and refined energy created in this way — the “Medicine” — can then be used for purposes other than having sex with it and experiencing sexual pleasure, which is to improve your health, increase your vitality and — ultimately — consciousness growth.

Steering and transforming sexual energy is a largely meditative process. You train through voiced meditations, in the complete privacy of your own bedroom and all alone (even if you have a partner). Only when you've done that at least seven weeks and have learned how to make “Medicine” in every detail, you can take a highly simplified, ultra-short version of it into everyday life, so you can also make “Medicine” outside your own bedroom — of course in such a way that no one there is. notice something of it.

The sexual energy we work with in this training is (slightly) excited. That means it's part of the training to bring yourself (light) excitement. The sexual kung fu is emphatically not masturbation training; the way you put yourself into excitement is not masturbation, but self-loving (there are significant differences between the two you learn in this module).

To be clear: “Medicine” can be done without self-loving! Once you take the transformation technique out of your bedroom into everyday life, there will be no touch of yourself or anything else. However, while training in your bedroom, self-loving is an important part of the training.

All this may sound like abracadabra, but training is not difficult. Everyone can do it and will benefit from it. What might be challenging is to believe that a training like this exists! But when you pass that threshold, you'll notice how natural it all is.

Het trainen van je seksualiteit betekent in essentie twee dingen: je gaat je seksuele energie leren sturen en transformeren.

  • Sturen. Seksuele energie is een wilde, krachtige energie, die meestal z’n eigen gang gaat en eerder jou op sleeptouw neemt dan andersom. In de seksuele kung fu draaien we de rollen om: jij krijgt heel concrete tools waarmee je grip krijgt op je seksuele energie. In plaats van de routes die seksuele energie gewend is te nemen – deze lopen grotendeels aan de voorkant van het lichaam, bijv. richting de seksuele organen – leer je seksuele energie achterlangs omhoog
  • Transformeren. Op die alternatieve route achterlangs omhoog breng je de seksuele energie langs drie plekken die een transformerende werking hebben op de seksuele energie. Heel simpel gezegd: hier verander je de kwaliteit van de seksuele energie. De gezuiverde en verfijnde energie die op deze manier ontstaat – het ‘Medicijn’ – kun je vervolgens voor andere doeleinden gebruiken dan ermee te vrijen en seksueel genot te ervaren, namelijk het verbeteren van je gezondheid, het vergroten van je vitaliteit en – uiteindelijk – bewustzijnsgroei.

Het sturen en transformeren van seksuele energie is een grotendeels meditatief proces. Je traint aan de hand van ingesproken meditaties, in de volstrekte privacy van je eigen slaapkamer en helemaal alleen (ook als je een partner hebt). Pas als je dat tenminste zeven weken hebt gedaan en je ‘Medicijn’ maken in alle details hebt geleerd, kun je een sterk versimpelde, ultra-korte versie ervan meenemen naar het dagelijks leven, zodat je ook ‘Medicijn’ kunt maken buiten je eigen slaapkamer – uiteraard op zo’n manier dat niemand daar iets van merkt.

De seksuele energie waarmee we in deze training werken is (licht) opgewonden. Dat houdt in dat het een onderdeel van de training is om jezelf (licht) in opwinding te brengen. De seksuele kung fu is met nadruk geen masturbatietraining; de wijze waarop je jezelf in opwinding brengt, is dan ook geen masturbatie, maar zelfbeminning (er zijn belangrijke verschillen tussen beide die je in deze module leert).

Voor alle duidelijkheid: ‘Medicijn’ maken kan ook zonder zelfbeminning! Als je de transformatie-techniek eenmaal uit je slaapkamer meeneemt het dagelijks leven in, dan komt er geen aanraking van je zelf of wat dan ook aan te pas. Tijdens het trainen in je slaapkamer is zelfbeminning echter een belangrijk onderdeel van de training.

Dit alles klinkt misschien als abracadabra, maar de training is niet moeilijk. Iedereen kan het en zal er zijn of haar voordeel mee doen. Wat misschien wel uitdagend is, is om te geloven dat een training als deze bestaat! Maar wanneer je die drempel gepasseerd bent, zul je merken hoe natuurlijk het allemaal is.

Start with the module 2

Your investment for Module 2 is €297, -*

You always have 30 days to decide if it suits you.

What you get

12 essentials (video)

Each lesson starts with an interview with Reinoud of about 10 to 20 minutes, in which he introduces the material in an inspiring way. Central questions are always: why are you learning this? What's it to you? A total of more than 2 hours of video material.

80 pages text

The written content of module 2 consists of 12 lessons and a total of 80 subjects. The theory and exercises are described clearly, in detail and in detail.

8 instructional movies

In 8 videos - with professional quality sound and image - Reinoud demonstrates in great detail the exercises where visual instructions are desirable (Chi Kung, Iron Shirt, Dao Yin and Dream Training). A total of about 5 quarters of an hour material.

10 audio meditations

The 10 relatively long meditations (approx. 25 to 30 minutes) are available as audio files (mp3s) recorded by Reinoud and Rosana, partly recorded in the studio, partly during training weekends. Downloadable and can be played anytime, anywhere. About 4.5 hours of material.

12 supporting mails

Every week for 12 weeks, you will receive an email to support and inspire your training and process.

FAQ Library

As a learner, you get access to the extensive FAQ library, with all the questions learners have asked so far and the answers to them.

Tao Café

As a student you have access to the online Tao café. In this private Facebook group you can, if you want, connect and share experiences with other participants in our trainings.


The texts are enriched with illustrations here and there. They make the theory visually and help you better understand some exercises.

Nutrition & Inspiration...

... to walk your path and become a wise man or woman!


“I do the sexual kung fu almost daily and enjoy the wonderfully warm belly and more energy!”

Corry (71)

“The practice of sexual kung fu brings me closer to myself, to my own body and energy experience in a calm way. The understanding that my own sexual energy can be used to replenish my battery is great!”

Anonymus (43)

“So valuable, the understanding that changing the sexual need is quite natural!”

Maria (65)

What else you're going to learn

  • What it means to become a Human Immortal (the second of a total of five forms of immortality)

  • The difference between sexual urge and sexual compulsion

  • The difference between pornographic fixation and pornographic addiction

  • The pros and cons of training with excited sexual energy

  • What are the main differences between masturbation and self-love

  • The four stages of sexual development

  • An unconventional vision of duo cultivation

  • How the sexual kung fu in a relationship can expose what's not right

  • The four “tides” of sexual activity and why it is nonsense that you have to have sex with your partner at least twice a week in order to be able to speak of a good relationship

  • How the sexual kung fu can warm up a 'cold bed'

  • How to get rid of a pornographic fixation or addiction

  • Two rules of thumb for what is healthy when it comes to how sexually active you are

  • Why as a woman you should not train sexual kung fu when you are pregnant or breast-feeding

  • Which in the long term always positive effects the sexual kung fu has on menstruation and hormone control in women (also women in transition!)

  • Why it's so important to practice sexual kung fu in absolute safety intimacy — and how to create that intimacy

  • The 'spark' — the most subtle way to bring sexual energy into excitement, without anyone seeing it

  • A super simple test that allows women to discover whether they are more 'seductive' or 'conditional' in contact with men

  • The tendency of almost all men when they want to experience sexual arousal, how they actually become less sensitive and ways in which you can break this pattern

  • How sexual fantasizing has two totally different effects on men and women

  • How to bring yourself into excitement without touch and without imagination

  • Why you try to prevent orgasm during self-esteem and concrete techniques to help you do this

  • The ideal rhythm between doing and not doing with self-love

  • The levels of sexual arousal

  • How the whole body can become an erogenous zone

  • The difference between male and female orgasm

  • Which energetic (acupuncture) point has a magnetic effect on sexual energy

  • Concrete instructions to activate that energy centre (step 1) and collect sexual energy there (step 2)

  • The Three Gates in the pelvic floor that are a great energy leak in most Western people because they are too 'open'

  • How to 'close' these gates by training the circular muscles

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  • The connection between the circular muscles in the pelvic floor and those in the face

  • What the Taoists see as the Gate of Life

  • An unknown aspect of sexual energy that easily leads to energetic blockages

  • What you can do after having sex with a partner so as not to suffer from this (and how long after sex you have the time to do this)

  • The connection between the Second Fire, the kidneys and stress

  • When stress is healthy and when not

  • The energetic mechanism behind a burnout (because we don't understand this in the west, recovery from a burnout takes a lot longer than is actually necessary)

  • An important advantage of walking on four legs, that we as people have lost and now have to actively train

  • What is the function of resistance during training and how to deal with it best

  • Which two primal moods drive every living being

  • Which parts of the brain with these two emotions are connected

  • Why “stress resistance” is an illusion

  • The effect of stress on the brainstem

  • The link between stress and addiction

  • How consciousness in the testicles/ovaries affects your partner choice

  • What are the main differences between your 'gray' and your 'white' brain cells

  • The relatively unknown but ingenious part of your brain, the source of your creativity

  • The secret of Albert Einstein (how he 'invented' E=MC2)

  • Making the abstract principle behind 'Medicine'

  • How visualization can help you perceive more in the Inner Landscape

  • The mysterious mechanism under consciousness growth

  • The only two muscle groups that train Taoists

  • Why a healthy tension in the pelvic floor is important for your health

  • Why the pelvic floor of many Western people is too weak, plus concrete exercises to change that

  • Which muscles in your back tighten first under the influence of stress (most low back problems arise from tension in these muscles)

  • Three features of dreams that you can notice in a dream that you are dreaming

  • What exactly is going on when you try to fall asleep thinks that you can't and then still wakes up by the alarm clock

  • The best thought to have if you can not fall asleep

  • The dream breathing

Read More


“The sexual kung fu helps me to give space to what is nice for me in the sexual sphere. And I think it's great that I now have access to the engine of my vitality, consciousness development and growth towards becoming a wise woman.”

Marianne (58)

“My sexuality has changed. The lovemaking is much calmer, more varied and more affective. I'm less focused on orgasm. In addition, my orgasm has also changed enormously and has become more intense. It doesn't take three seconds, but sometimes two minutes. With aftershocks. The path to orgasm has also changed. From exercise to orgasm to relaxation to orgasm. My pelvic floor muscles have become accessible and elastic.”

Minco (50)


If you are not 100% satisfied after 30 days, we insist that you get your money back. The only thing we ask of you is that you justify why you are not satisfied. Not to discuss it with you, but because maybe we can learn from your experience.

Why such a super guarantee? The past 40 years of his life Reinoud has spent acquiring and acquiring the insights and techniques you get in this module. Over the past 20 years he has transferred this knowledge and has been able to sharpen his interpretation to the interaction with many hundreds of students. Over the past 7 years, with a whole team, including professional writers and video makers, we have spent on developing this interpretation and 'catching' it in the module as you can now go through it. In our personal lives, we experience the positive effects of what we teach in this module on a daily basis. For a rapidly growing group of students - nearly 500 people have participated in our annual programmes in recent years - the same applies. So we are convinced that this online training is worth gold for you, as long as you take the trouble to really get started with the material. Of course you will have to do that all by yourself, but we want to do everything we can to inspire you to do so, to guide you in that process and to help you take a big step forward on your path of self-realization. If you are not 100% satisfied with that, then it is only logical for us to get your money back. Join the online training and experience it for yourself.

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