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What is stress and how to get rid of it?

In ancient times, when big packs of wolves roamed the vast forests and fields of Europe, when sabre-toothed tigers targeted us as their natural prey, it was vital to escape these wild predators. As evolving monkeys, we developed a genius mechanism for this purpose: FEAR. How does fear work? When your life is in danger, […]

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The transformation of sexual energy

Our sexual energy is our main source of vitality. With this powerful life force, you can do all sorts of things. You can use it to make love, to produce babies and to experience the most profound pleasure and intimacy as well. These may be the most obvious functions of sexual energy, but there are […]

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Taotrainer Reinoud Eleveld talks about wisdom and consciousness (video)
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Taotraining Reinoud Eleveld talks about burnout (video)
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The Pearl. The anchor in the eye of the storm.
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