Module 4: Pearl Consciousness — The Eye in the Storm

How to keep your head cool and your heart calm in the sweeping storm called life?

How do you react with thinking and humour to the chaos around you?

How do you let go of behavioral patterns and get more and more grip on reality as it is?

By developing Pearl Consciousness.

In Module 4, we introduce the key to this, a centuries-old Taoist formula that allows you to develop a Pearl: a piece of independent consciousness, the Eye in the Storm, in the middle of your body.

  • You'll learn how to make a Stew by activating and bringing together the Eight Forces, the building blocks of the universe, in your body.
  • You deepen your knowledge of the Five Elements and how they relate to your emotions,
  • You'll learn how to gather the Five Elements in the Stew and merge into a Pearl.
  • Through “Opening the Wind Gates”, you get birth trauma out of your system.
  • In this module, the magic, or the real Inner Alchemy, really begins!

Here are things you learn when you start training Module 4:

  • How to develop an independent piece of awareness. The Inner Alchemists from Ancient China studied the process of reproduction and found the key to creating new consciousness: the Pearl.
  • How the different layers of reality correlate. The Jing, Chi and Shen each have their own vibration and building blocks. Everything is energy and each layer has its own vibration.
  • How to Make a Stew. The Eight Forces of the Jing can be clenched into a Stew in the middle of the lower Tantien.
  • How to Open the Wind Gates. The eight wind gates around the navel are closely linked to birth trauma. You'll learn how to remove this trauma from your body through a powerful massage technique.
  • How to Apply the Controlling Cycle. The Controlling Cycle, a new way to work with the Elements and Sones, has a beneficial and calming effect on your emotions. In addition, this cycle is crucial to the Pearl Formula.
  • How the Rally Points work. The Collecting Points are abstract, energetic points in the body that play an important role in the Pearl Formula.
  • How the precise and complete Pearl Formula works. It's a puzzle at first, but ultimately you have a powerful tool in your hands that will assist you for the rest of your life.
  • What's the effect of having a Pearl. Imagine that no matter what happens, you always have a refuge where it's calm and clear: the Eye of the Storm. That's Pearl. It gives you unshakable emotional and mental stability and clarity.

Dream Training

  • In this module, we'll go deeper into the how and why of training the Black Column. Developing Pearl Consciousness stimulates the ability to develop lucidity and vice versa.
  • You'll learn a new series of Dream Training exercises that you can practice at night. You are supposed to do the Dream Training during the 'waking window' during the night. This includes both Iron Shirt exercises, especially the 'Embrace the Tree' posture, and reclining exercises on a mat.

What you get:

12 essentials (video)

Each lesson starts with an interview with Reinoud from about 10 to 20 minutes, in which he introduces the material in an inspiring way. Central questions are always: why do you learn this? What's got you got? Almost 3 hours of video material in total.

94 pages of text

The written content of Module 1 is worth a book: the 12 lessons consist of 94 subjects in total. It describes the theory and exercises in a clear, detailed and comprehensive manner.

14 instruction movies

In 14 videos - with professional quality sound and image! - Reinoud demonstrates in great detail the exercises where visual instructions are desirable (including Chi Kung, Iron Shirt and Dream Training). A total of about 5 fifteen minutes of material.

16 audio-meditations

The meditations are available as audio files (mp3's) voiced by Reinoud and Rosana, partly recorded in the studio, partly during training weekends. Downloadable and playable anytime, anywhere. A total of 2.5 hours.

12 supporting emails

Every week for 12 weeks, you'll receive an email to support and inspire your training and process.

Answers to your questions

As a student, you have the option to ask questions about content by email. Questions will be submitted to one of our trainers. You'll also get access to the extensive FAQ library.


You might find it exciting to invest in an online product. That's why we offer a 30-day warranty. So you can join without risk. If you have any doubts about your decision, please send us an email. If you really want to stop training, the purchase amount will be refunded. Together we'll always get out of it.

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