Taotraining and health

These days more and more people are seeking alternatives to the forms of healthcare and lifestyle that are still considered normal by the mainstream. We are becoming much more aware of the close relationship between the body, emotions and mind. The effect of nutrition, lifestyle and stress on our health is also becoming clearer. The knowledge possessed for centuries by spiritual movements, such as Taoism, is being sought – and found! – by more and more people.

The Taoist view of the human being

Taotraining, a complete and practical spiritual path, is based on Taoism. One of the principles of this tradition is that sexual energy is fundamental to good health. Yes, many illnesses can be prevented. No, it is not a given that you will suffer from ill-health as you get older. Yes, you can recover quickly from burnout – if you know how. Illness and health are intertwined with all other aspects of life and there is so much you can do to heal yourself, stay healthy and become even healthier.

The Taoist view of the human being is much more wide-ranging than the view taken by modern science. The body is not a machine; the body is a wonderful interplay of different energies that work together in a magical way. The mind is not a computer; the mind is of a mysterious greatness, greater than the universe. The body is robust and subtle, delicate and exceptionally strong, intelligent and predictable, but above all; the body has an unparalleled ability to heal itself. Consciousness is the link between body and mind. When your consciousness develops, things become clearer and this linking force between body and mind becomes much stronger.

Who is Reinoud Eleveld? Watch this interview (English)

The transformation of sexual energy

Taotraining is based on awakening the body's self-healing ability through exercises, such as Qigong, martial arts and meditation. These draw on a deep understanding of nature, in particular the function of sexual energy within it. Once you have taken control of your sexual energy and become aware of the opportunities for your health, wellbeing and the development of your consciousness, you have taken the first step in your Taotraining.

For whom is Tao Online?

You might intuitively feel whether Tao Training is something for you or not. Check this out:

Are you looking for a practice that will make you more energetic, healthy and emotionally stable?

Maybe you are curious about wisdom in general. Maybe you have certain experiences within the spiritual realm and you want to become stronger and more resilient. You might be new in the esoteric world and first of all looking for a more pragmatic approach. Of maybe sexuality is your main interest and you are curious after the Taoist secrets of sexual cultivation.

Other good reasons to practice Tao Training are:

  • You are chronically ill and want to optimize the self-generating capacity of your physical body.
  • You want to deepen the relationship with your partner, also as a lover.
  • You work with people or you are a therapist and looking for new professional perspectives (see down below)
  • You want to deepen and improve your martial art skills.

Especially for professionals: back to humanness

Tao Online is accessible for everybody, but besides that it’s ideal for professional therapists who want to make a big leap forward in their work. Doctors, psychotherapists, masseurs and other body workers, yoga- and tai chi-teachers, social workers, psychiatrists, coaches and top trainers, entrepreneurs, employees in the complementary care, etc.

You will be shown ancient but at the same time hyper contemporary insights, concepts and solutions in this area. This can be very interesting as a new perspective and it can give new solutions for your business or job. Besides that you work on increasing your health and your individual energy. You learn how to navigate circumstances at work according to your personal wishes. Your capacity to function under pressure can restore or even expand. This can be a beautiful beginning of a new life full of balance, healthy ambition and vitality.


To practice Tao Online means you will make an enormous leap in your personal development and will feel much healthier and more energetic. Are you interested? Sign up below to keep up to date when we release the English training.

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