The transformation of sexual energy

Our sexual energy is our main source of vitality. With this powerful life force, you can do all sorts of things. You can use it to make love, to produce babies and to experience the most profound pleasure and intimacy as well. These may be the most obvious functions of sexual energy, but there are more! In essence, sexual energy is the source of EACH action, feeling and thought you have. Not only does it nourish your lust for life, but also your creativity, health and consciousness. Sexual energy fuels everything you create with your body, soul and mind.

Sexual energy shapes our deepest desires and dreams

Sexuality has a much broader spectrum than you might think at first. Our creative potential as a human being is limitless. Our limitations are mainly defined by what we believe is possible. As scientists, artists, designers, philosophers and lovers of life, we possess a boundless ability to develop ourselves. We can invent new things, investigate our reality, find answers to life’s questions and manifest our most potent desires, needs and dreams. All of this, is fuelled by sexual energy.

The limitless potential of sexual energy

The idea that ‘sex is to procreate’ or even ‘sex is for fun’, is quite limited from a Taoist point of view. The transformation of sexual energy is a Taoist practice, where we learn how to consciously apply our sexual energy. The ultimate goal is Realisation, the highest form of consciousness that we can reach as human beings. For men, this process is called ‘Taming the Wild Horse’, while for women ‘Conquering the Red Dragon’. This is not about suppressing sexual energy or making it dull or boring, but about finding ways to understand this pure life force to such a degree, that we can use it to become masters over our sexuality and our lives.

For the love of Mother Earth

We all want to be the best version of ourselves and realise an optimum quality of existence. We want to live a life that not only serves ourselves, but also the people we love, everyone we interact with and humanity as a whole. Through our sexuality, we are inextricably linked to Mother Earth and for that reason we feel moved to take good care of her. Everything on our planet is created and driven by sexual energy. Nature is a dance between the masculine and the feminine – a creative meeting of polarities. This love for Mother Earth conjoined with a deep respect for the elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal, refers to the shamanic roots of Taoism.

The transformation of sexual energy is playing with fire in a responsible way

When through your practice, the power of sexual energy becomes more easily accessible, you will be challenged to discover exactly what you want to do with these gifts and how to realise them. Reinoud Eleveld, the founder of Tao Training, refers to experimenting with sexual energy as ‘playing with fire’. From a place of caution, he warns not to be too quick or overly impulsive when working with sexual energy. That said, it is a fact that sexual energy is impossible to suppress. Therefore, when you attain more energy through your practice – something that will inevitably happen – your responsibility increases as well, as you will find your impact on the outside world expands. It can be as stark a difference, as between a tricycle and a sports-car. The faster you can drive, the more careful you need to be. Strength and power are amazingly seductive. They need both a clear structure and an unshakeable integrity in order to not be messed up.

The ultimate goal of the practice

Within classic Taoism and in Tao Training as well, there is really only ONE ultimate goal, which is Realisation. Lao Tzu calls it immortality. This is a term that speaks to our imagination, but isn’t always clearly defined. Health is an integral goal as well, as it supports our path towards Realisation. Being healthy provides us with the vitality we need to fuel our path. Impeccability is another thing to strive for, which means becoming a trustworthy, kind man or woman, who takes responsibility for the tribe, who is committed to contributing actively to the wellbeing of others and the planet.

The paradox of Taoism is that it is an individual path, but at the same time you should always consider the well-being of others. Reinoud Eleveld often says that a true Taoist will always leave traces and marks on the path that he walks, in order to show the way to the people that may come after. Tao Training is such a marked path.

What happens when your sexual energy increases?

Through this transformative practice, your sexual energy will increase exponentially, along with your ability to enjoy sex, your orgasmic prowess, your body awareness, your confidence and your capacity to truly connect from the heart with another being. Your intuition will develop, as well as your sensitivity towards your own limits and those of others. This results in a more respectful way of treating everyone, including yourself. Energetic hygiene is an important theme within the practice. This refers to honouring the ability to make love without crossing your own limits or someone else’s, but also without ignoring or suppressing your feelings. This will enable you to enjoy intimacy from a place of deep respect and powerful vulnerability.

What is mono-cultivation?

Mono-cultivation refers to the practice where you, as an individual, learn how to liberate, increase, cultivate and channel your sexual energy, in order to support your spiritual growth. Mono-cultivation is more or less forgotten within our culture, but in Taoism and many traditional Tantric schools as well, it is seen as an essential part of the transformation of sexual energy. Mono-cultivation is a practice that you do by yourself, but at the same time it can support your relationships tremendously. You get to know your body better, while becoming more aware of your needs, your desires and your limits. The connection between the heart and head, between love and sexuality, becomes stronger and clearer. This is not only good for you, but for your partner as well. In fact, it benefits everyone you connect with.

Without the transformation of sexual energy, the development of consciousness is impossible

The fact that you become more orgasmic when you practice the transformation of sexual energy is a pleasant bonus, but it is certainly not the main goal. The main goal, as stated before, is the development of consciousness – to become an immortal, like Lao Tzu! The beauty of Taoism, in stark contrast to many other spiritual and religious institutions, is that sexual energy is considered sacred. It is the very source of life itself, the Holy Grail, the essence of all. Sexual energy, passion and desire are not seen as dirty or ungodly, but as something without which spiritual growth is by definition impossible. In short, sexual energy has a place of honour within Tao Training. We openly talk about sex and we work with sexual energy without shame, dogma or judgment.

Free yourself from destructive sexuality

Part of practicing the transformation of sexual energy is learning how to liberate yourself from obsessive, harmful or addictive sexual behaviour. This is far too common in our modern culture, to the degree that we almost consider it normal. Pornography, prostitution, sexual violence and abuse, the objectification of women and men, are all expressions of harmful ways of dealing with our sexuality. Education, media, culture and religion play important roles here, but how did it come to this?

Within Tao Training, we investigate on a deep level why so much pain and confusion has emerged around sexuality, both individually and collectively. Healing sexual trauma, becoming free of pornographic addiction and other harmful sexual behaviours, learning how to set clear boundaries and developing safety and honesty in your sex life – these are all essential for our spiritual development.

In short, the transformation of sexual energy guides you to become a healthy sexual being with impeccable virtues, and to embrace your amazing potential to realise immortality. Tao Training can be a first step towards this graceful and powerful path.

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